Another Immigrant Gone.

I’m stuck in this awful place with no escape.
I'm sitting here on the cold concrete floor.
I’m observing others around me, some are huddled in the corner crying like scared puppies. 
And others look scared and afraid.

That was me when they first brought me here.
I wonder, is this what it feels like to be hated and despised?
Hour after hour they bring more people in.
Its starting to get a little packed in here.

It's been several weeks and we all feel like prisoners,
But my only question is what did we do wrong?

I see crying children,
Weeping mothers,
And worried fathers.
What did they do wrong?

It's always cold in here, like a freezer, and we’re the meat.
We’re packed real tight in here in order for all of us to fit.
And the beds are almost as hard as this concrete floor.
But I still wonder, why are we here?

The other day I heard people talk.
They talked about those that have died in this awful place.
They talked about the fear of being next.
What if I’m next?

I have never seen someone so scared in my life 
The look in their eyes 
People I once knew seem unrecognizable
That is what this place does to you.
That's what it did to me.

I'm sad for those that are left behind.
I can see them from up here.
They pray with the hopes of getting out
They pray with the hope of reuniting with their loved ones
But mostly I see them crying out saying
 “Why Me?”,
“What Did I Do Wrong?”

I learned when I was little, that we learn about history so that we don't ever repeat it.
But what do you call this?
What do you call imprisoning thousands of innocent children, mothers, and fathers?

When is this all going to be over?
When are people going to stand up and demand change?

It wasn't in my lifetime
But it might be in yours.

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