I'm Alessandro Valente, a singer-songwriter and producer, graduated at BIMM London. I play acoustic guitar with open tunings and percussive fingerstyle technique.
I arrange and produce my own music, collaborating with my father who is a professional composer and producer as well.
I'm Italian but I moved to London in 2016 to pursue my music career.
I pay my rent working as music producer for emerging artists, I play gigs as solo act and I perform in the streets of central London.

I want to share with you my first single "Fall" taken from an EP called "O (circle)". This little concept album is based on the flow of seasons related to the my mood. The project is composed of four songs, one for each season. This first one is about Autumn. I think many people fade to gray as the sky above them but in my opinion autumn is more. There is rain to refresh us. We often forget we have our own colours to paint our days. Autumn is like a reversed spring. Colours are on the ground, all the leaves that make a carpet under our feet.

The second song "Winter" will be out on the 20th of December.

I have an other EP, based on a book about the disintegration of the personality,  and an album about mental health in the mixing process. Those projects are a mix of acoustic guitar and electronic sounds. They are planned for release in the next two years. 

I hope you enjoy my music. I can send some other private link to demos.
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