Not my fault

Stripped of my innocence,
Dissociating from my body each time you laid your hands upon me,
Paralysing at the unwanted flashbacks of the look of satisfaction plastered across your face,
“It was not your fault”
“It was not your fault”
Stripped of my innocence,
I screamed in pain,
Pushed you away,
Your grip tightened,
The sound of your laughter as you pushed yourself inside of me still echoes in my mind.

Dreams turning to nightmares,
You stood, alone, smiling at me.
That same smile as you used me for your pleasure,
That same smile, widening, as you went deeper.

The stinging sensation increases as I try to relieve myself,
Your hands are still imprinted on me as I try to scrub myself in the shower.
I’m still unclean.
I’m still in pain.

“It was not your fault”
It was my fault.
I write, read, stress and drink tea. Enjoy :)
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