first love at first sight

Oregon coffee shack
Her eyes matched the jars of coffee beans surrounding her 
Her long hair was alarmingly dark next to the white winter snow outside 
Her dark features looked so natural in contrast to the light snow that it reminded me of a classic black&white photo 
Olive skin that looked so warm I was tempted to take off my itchy gloves and rest my icicle winter palms against her rosy summer cheeks 
Her smile was infectious and deadly 
My heart stopped and didn’t restart until her silky voice trailed through my ears and into my bloodstream 
Blood boiling, heart racing, cheeks reddening, I stuttered trying to spit out my coffee order 
Yet all she did was look at me with this warmth that made me feel like I was floating and sinking all at once 
As we walked away with our cold coffees in our cold hands the way new Englanders like it 
I realized I’d never see her again 
I’ll stare into my Rhode Island ocean thinking about how the deep blue waters remind me of the navy blue hat she wore and how the trees remind me of her dark deep storyteller eyes that were so undoubtedly full of life that her soul had to of been reincarnated since the beginning of time
Yet I know when she looks out at her Oregon ocean she will never ever think of that short pale girl who was looking at her oddly that one time 
All the while I will always remember her as my vibrant first love at first sight 
While I was just some dull stranger 

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