There’s something about a girl with a mic,
On a stage,
Where her rage,
Echoes until it’s part of the room,
Where her voice fills the room,
And you have to listen,
To the little girl indignant,
Standing tall but so small must be ignorant,
Only fifteen, what could she know about the real world,
Only that her world is being stolen away.

There’s something about a girl who isn’t smiling,
Who is not quite quiet about the fact that she is not perfectly content,
Maybe her anger is expressed,
Maybe it is outward in your face she takes her place, take notice,
Who doesn’t make a conscious effort to please, 
Those who will never be satisfied,
Because she doesn’t see the point,
In an impossible task,
And yet they still ask,
Doesn’t she care at all.
Her pride is perceived as arrogance,
Because there’s something about confidence,
She is incessant lost tempered resentment,
Saying something is wrong here,
And she is upset.
And she will not subdue her emotions to fit their liking.
There is something striking, about an angry girl.

There is something about a girl who is proud,
Who knows she has accomplished something and wants to stand out,
A little complacent,
Views not quite adjacent with your own,
And she is sure she is right,
That can’t be right,
She should wipe,
That smug smile off her face,
What happened to beauty and grace,
She raises a manicured hand,
And she gets the answer right every time,
And you think she is out of line,
But can’t quite figure out why,
Because it doesn’t line up,
With the ideal,
Because she knows her skill is real,
There is something about a girl who is proud.

There is something about a girl who won’t hide,
Behind the binds,
Society has tried to place on her,
There is something about a girl who will tell you exactly how she feels,
With a mic,
On a stage,
Armed with rage,
And a brain,
And so many valuable things to say,
And she will make sure they hear her.
There is something about a girl, who won’t say what you want to hear.
There is something about a girl.

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