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It was terrifying to do this kind of Work out in public at first but after 8 years of this I'm so shocked with how much I have grown.

Hi my name is Yue Ryder but I also go by Crystal, I am 23 years old and I am from a small city in Massachusetts. 

I started out as a bean sprout that knew nothing of this community or how it all was. I was very shy and didn't think I could even make anything or even afford it. I was in highschool studying Fashion Design and at first my focus was on the Industry. One friend I made was into anime an she an I talked for hours about which shows we liked and our favorite Characters. One day she invited me to my fist anime con held in Boston called Anime Boston back in 2014. It sounded like fun & I wanted to try out wearing a costume for fun. It was packed and a bit scary at first but after a bit I loved it! The Panels, Games, photo ops,vendors & special guest it was all so much at once. To top it off a huge performance of artist and creators that compete in both craftsmanship & skits?!  From that day on I was in love with the cosplay community. Sometimes life can surprise ya in ways that ya never expected and I found myself going to cons, festivals, & small events to display my work.  I found myself learning more as the years went on from wig styling to filming and editing videos. I would book photoshoots with amazing photographers and meet so many fun & kind people that I am proud to be friends with.

I even got the chance to bring my own original character to life with a story an have others who helped out with her story. I am still so shocked with how everything came together but I am happy to have worked with my friends an many other creative minds.
Yeah, I may have a odd interest but I think its pretty cool to make someones day just fot bringing to life a character that everyone knows and loves. Regardless of their design, race, size, or sexuality. We all connect with these characters and to take time to make the outfit or even rehearse a line. It's all worth it in the end.  

I have a question for you friend, what does this hobby mean to you? 

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MA based designer/creator/cosplayer Always looking for something new to make or share with everyone!
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