Music Submissions - Hip Hop Tracks

Music Submissions - Hip Hop Tracks

Hey, beat heads – got some bars spare? We’re looking for artists to join our first ever vinyl compilation.
Project ends on 26/Mar/2023 at 02:30 pm PDT
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Project Details

Hey, beat heads – got some bars spare? SMPLE is working with an affiliate record label (TBA), and we’re looking for artists to join our first ever vinyl compilation. 

Rap is already a pillar of our music community. Every now and then, we’re bowled over by the lyrical and sonic precision in your material. So, we think it’s time to bring those voices to the audience – and stages – they deserve. We will be cutting a select number of songs onto wax later this year or early 2023 and sign artists we love and believe in, preparing them for shows, features and full-length recordings. Let’s aim for the big time together. We want to invest in our creative community and put the power of SMPLE’s promotional muscle behind this project. 

That means if you’re sitting on an incredible track, we want to hear it. Everything’s up for consideration, but you’ll have better luck with more experimental hip hop. Think Milo, Earl, NoName and Dean Blunt. Although if we catch the next Nas or Lauryn Hill, that’d be nice too. Just give us some time to work on the limousine. 

Here are the details. Keep them to yourself or share them with friends who treat the mic like a bullwhip. 

  • Winning submissions will earn a place on our limited-run compilation LP (Digital + Vinyl + Cassettes // Details will be released on Aug 15th 2022 - Keep an eye on our Instagram for updates).

  • Winners may also be signed to our partnered label (TBA) and access earning + promotinal opportunities through them. (Details will be released on Aug 15th 2022 - Keep an eye on our Instagram for updates)

  • If you don’t earn a place on the label or album, we might still feature you on SMPLE community playlists, social channels and online + print publications. 

  • Depending on location, we may also offer you a few gigs (PAID) as artists in residence for label events in London, Manchester or Vancouver. 

  • Max two submissions per person. 

  • You will still rights to your music unless you have been directly contacted by the Label (TBA) and offered a contract.

  • This project is only accepting original tracks - If you're selected as a winning submission, You’ll have to prove that you’ve either written the song yourself, or cleared a sample.

Please keep in mind, only select creators will be contacted. Good luck! And welcome to our creative community!
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