With a stroke of my neck 

With a stroke of my thigh 

My mind's eye 

Opens wide 


I see you 

I breathe you in 


In the beginning, it was fiery

Each stroke

My body woke 

Alight my senses 


Now it's damp

It doesn't burn as bright 

Your fingers don't come as close 

You flinch at my touch 

You don't come close 


Has your mind concluded

What your actions are alluding 

It hurts to think about it 

Wave upon wave 

I'm dry 

But I'm drenched 

Dripping in anxiety 


Yelling for someone anyone you 

You say you like me 

Such pretty words

Such pretty pretty words 


My heart is young 

But my mind is old 


Have you taken me for a fool? 

Used me as a cushion, a tool 

A tool for your pleasure 

Glad I haven't given it all 

Deep conversations 

Reveal deeper divisions 

We are so different 

Too different perhaps 


With you, I feel alive 

With you, I feel held 

With you, I feel afloat 

With you, I start to feel l...


Does it matter 

The girls look

You look

I stare, melting into the dark 

Fighting this dark 

My eyes 

My mind’s eye then opens

It was all a dream 

You are here with me 

I am here with you 

Our flame damp is now stroked 

It is growing 

And setting things alight 


The young heart wants to be consumed 

The old mind knows to be cherished

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