why i am a warrior

laying awake at night
i often wonder
if he realizes how he’s left me
how at first 
i was a shell of who i used to be
i couldn’t even speak of what
he did to me
and then something changed
i changed and started to scream
i started to shout of the pain inside
rushing out like river flows to sea 
because of the things i’d seen
that wouldn’t leave my mind
the pictures that i couldn’t stop seeing
on repeat even though i just wished 
that my brain had a button to delete
does he know i’m even stronger 
than i used to be?
because i will not let anyone else
try to use me
i will not let anyone else
come into my family
and leave us even more a mess
than we used to be
does he realize that now
on sight of danger i do not flee?
despite the insane amount of fear inside
i stand my ground and that’s the key
i stand and look him in the eye and
tell him the one thing he can’t take away
is life that i am meant to lead
i will always have a voice
and with it comes power
finally i can see
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