Glass hearts and forever

The first time I saw you 
I was pain
You took my heart and held it over an open flame to melt away the cast iron that had formed around the glass 
First time we kissed 
I was hurt 
I had seen this picture before 
I took my glass heart and ran 
First time you said you loved me 
I was unsure 
I had said the words first 
But I never expected a response 
I was handing you my glass heart 
Praying you didn’t let go
First time you died 
I was pain (once again)
Knees on the ground 
Feeling around for pieces of my heart
Celebrating the pricks on my fingertips because they meant being one step closer to being whole 
First time I saw this you 
I was pain (a perfect trilogy)
I had just lost another incarnate 
But I knew you would be back even then
Whether ten years or a thousand 
You always returned 
The only thing that made immortality tolerable 
Posted by Hyde
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