Ethen Blue Quinlan (15)
This is a piece I wrote a couple weeks ago, I saw an ad to submit writing, and I've been encouraged to do so but never personally wished to. I don't really know why I'm doing this now, it's kind of like "well why not give it a shot". I wrote it in a time that was hard to write in, I have two disorders that send me through periods of time without being able to grasp or fully feel the world around me, or even feels things physically and be able to trust they're real. In those times it's hard to talk to people especially, but for some reason the sky's been a constant cliche anchor for me. It's always caught my attention. I wanted to feel good under the sky and that's what this shits about, I typically dont show anyone my work or put it out there so, enioy. The background is a photo I took near my house. 
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