I wonder lonelier than a cloud

I wonder if you ever say my name out loud when you turn over alone in bed

Or if you run to hide from the book I made you

My fingers dancing as I cut angels and paste them all over our

Dreamy, secret world of just us


I wonder if you ever wish she looked like me or laughed like me

Or if you write about her instead now

Pretending you did the write thing, because does it make you feel

Better about yourself that you dumped me over the phone.

I wonder if you ever regret it all and yearn to turn back time,

Or if you glug dark fruits and read Wilde without my image flickering into you.

I wonder if you ever, ever missed me.

I wonder if you think about me.

I wonder if you had said I miss you, I would have said it too.


I wonder if you have moved on as I have, holding her hand

In dark streets and awkwardly walking next to her side like a half-eaten piece of salmon

Flapping pathetically once taken out of water.

I’m glad I am not your blonde, manic, pixie, dream girl anymore,

Just there to fulfil your south west London smoothness.

I wonder if you would have swallowed me whole

And licked me out like an empty oreo packet and drained me with your straw

Had I let you feed off any more of energy.

I wonder but then I stop to look at him now and I am so glad

I no longer have to wander about wondering about you

Because I have found myself another wondering soul who instead wonders about me

And leaves me full up of sensation and wonder.


So, tell me.

Are we laughing on a slope so slippery?

Architects of our own misery?

Perhaps, our stars will align

And we will indeed be fine

Just as friends or something more

Because tell me you care, and I’ll tell you ‘encore’.

I’ll rewind our springs

So as though we could almost grow wings

And have those bittersweet moments one more time

Of your biting blue eyes looking into mine,

Telling me to use less tongue

But I tell myself to laugh it all off because we are still young.

So, tell me you wake up thinking of me

And I’ll tell you the same, and that she,

Or I are special indeed.

Write me letters and bring be roses,

And we can both realise that the vie en rose

Is not some lost ideal of bleached, braced teens dancing

Naked to open car radios in some lost past of time


As you can see, reader

I have stopped wondering now

For my pain stops me in the middle of the station

Staring at the orange clock

Paralyses me in the middle of a hurried street in Clapham

No faces clocking but merely one face glued to my working memory


Posted by Gaia
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