The Girl in Weird Clothes

When I was a kid,
There was a young girl.
This girl was weird
This girl wore weird clothes.

One day she showed up
In knee high socks
They were bright pink
And she wore blue high tops.

The next day she came
She wore a green skirt
And a yellow fluffy jacket
That covered her striped shirt.

Then, the day after that 
She wore an orange wig
We thought nothing of it
After all, we were kids 

The teachers, however…
The parents and the staff,
They did not understand
All they ever did was laugh.

They laughed at the girl
At the weird clothes she wore
They chuckled and snickered
They would chortle and snort

She was my friend
I wore weird clothes, too.
Pinks and purples
And then greens and blues.

For I understood 
Why the girl dressed this way
Her answer always was
"They don't always want to play"

I didn't quite understand
What the little girl meant
But all that mattered
Was how our time was spent.

The little girl and I 
We'd be together all day.
Our neighborhood park
Was our favorite place to play

Our polka-dotted socks
With our leopard print skirts
By the end of the day
Would be covered in dirt.

Then, one day
When the little girl came
She wore a black dress
Her shoes just the same

She wore a white bow
And her mother's white pearls
So at first glance
She was a normal girl

She came to play
So we could run and roam.
However that night,
She never got home.

Sirens were the only thing
I could ever hear
The thing that happened to the girl
Was her mother's worst fear.

She was all over the news
She was all over the streets
She was everyone's posts
All of their shares and tweets.

For there was a young girl
Who has been gone for weeks
No one has seen
Her chubby young cheeks

As I became a teen,
I finally could understand
Her reasoning from the start
The idea she had planned

For, you see, here
In this day and age
When a man shall approach
He doesn't truly want to play.

When it first happened
They asked all potential witnesses
"Have you seen a young girl?
In a pretty black dress?"

They all shook their heads
And they all looked distressed
"I have not seen the girl.
For she blended in with the rest."

Finally, I knew, 
what she was trying to say.
Time after time, 
day after day.

The weird clothes we wore
As we went out to play
Even though they judged
They remembered us that way.

"Did you see the girl today
Who wore mismatched shoes?
Ha! What a disgrace!
What has she to lose?"

"Look over there!
Do you see what I see?
The girl wearing bright socks
That go up to her knees!"

"She obviously dressed herself
There's no need to be curt!
She has on a purple sweater
With a turquoise skirt!"

"Blasphemy of fashion! 
Hurts my eyes to see!
Her shirt that has sequins
While her jacket has beads!"

"Her leggings have rips
Like they were shredded with shears!
I'll never forget it! 
For all of my years"

Forget they did not
But remember they can't
For the girl in weird clothing
Wore something so bland

It's been twenty years.
Her burial is today
For they found her body
In the process of decay.

She was all over the news 
She was all over the streets
She was everyone's posts
Everyone's shares and tweets. 

For the girl in weird clothing 
Is in all white, now
Do you see her halo?
Her gorgeous white gown?

The man that took her
While she wore all black
His trial is soon,
But he'll never be back. 

Without that black dress,
Would she live on, who knows?
For nobody cared to understand
The girl in weird clothes.
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