I feel like all my feelings are like locked up inside of this rock
Sometimes some will leak through
Like the rock is trying to cry
But it never does
My rock gets delusional sometimes and forgets it’s a rock so it gets set free and my rock is now on fire but it doesn’t take long till it remembers it’s still just a rock
So then my rock will sit
And sit
And sit
My rock is just a rock now
A lifeless boring emotionless rock
People will try to talk to my rock
But it’s just a rock and rocks can’t talk
Rocks can’t feel
So they try and get the rock to laugh
See if it will cry
But it’s just a rock
My rock is just a rock
But my rock is just a thought
I am the rock
But sometimes my rock is a cave
Inside a cave is a river
A loud river
In a cave
The river will rush
And splash against the caves walls
Creating sharp rocks
And holes
These waters hold my thoughts
My self destructing thoughts
And through these holes
The water will be free
But what you don’t know about the river
Is that the river is always getting higher
Sometimes this river gets so fast and rough it breaks open the cave
Some of the water gets out
Just enough for it to go down a bit
And then my cave is sure to fix the hole
And somewhere
Down in the cave
There lies another rock
This rock
Is the rock
That is locked
And I can’t unlock that rock
I don’t know how
I don’t have the key
I am the rock
I am the cave
I am the river and the waves
I am the other rock
I have the key that I can’t see
It’s somewhere in my mind
In the cave
In the rock
If I put in too much thought
The key will rot
So now I’ll wait
Until it’s gone
The raging river
And the locked up rock
But it will come back for me
Until I can finally find the key
So now I guess I’m just a rock
Just a rock
With endless thoughts
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