100 years of decay.

Previously, art was the prerogative of the elite, as their economic status allowed them not to think about everyday problems and get carried away by something beautiful.  What can I say, and now art is not of interest to every person.  Not only because of economic prosperity, but also because of a lack of desire to "understand" art, to experience those emotions and feelings that the artist put into the picture.  This is the beauty of art. 
 People are accustomed to appreciate the beauty of art, its incomprehensibility, subjectivity.  For the emotions and feelings that art gives them.  But what if art is understandable?  What if art calls and encourages action, or makes you think about the problems of our world?  Then every person on the planet will be able to understand this art, because it will concern not only a single artist and his experience, it will concern all of humanity, it will concern us. 
 For me, art is not only beautiful, it is also social.  Art is directly related to reality and it should talk about its problems: politics, the environment, possible wars and social problems. 
 Artists are people with a certain status in society.  People admire them for their unusual vision of this world.  People want to follow their idols, whether it's a performer or an artist.  Therefore, in my opinion, artists are those people who can “make” people think, provide food for thought.  Artists can change the vector of development, give a first impetus.  So why not do it, since art is such a powerful tool of influence? 
 Social art is our criticism towards humanity and its problems, and as we know, criticism is movement, development.
The modern world is mired in global problems that need to be addressed immediately.  The deteriorating environmental situation in my city and region prompted me to create this triptych.  All global issues are interconnected.  They lead to one.  By the end.  In my opinion, it is very interesting to consider when one global problem speaks of another global problem.

are my inspiration.  and every time I get motivated when I want to tell everyone about them.  not just to say that it is, but to what it can lead.  Art is for everyone and it must speak.
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