A Letter To You

You have been hurt.
Overlooked the pain, trying to stay sane,
running around in circles, constantly in motion,
where did your devotion,

You’ve burdened yourself.
Buried away your passions
just to fulfill someone else’s empty compassion,
expectations set high,
your energy low,
everything loses its flow.

The pressure built inside,
takes in as the guilt you’ve felt.
and that, right there, steals your light,
but the fight within you 
has the ability to make everything 
feel right.

Even if you’re not okay with 
feeling a certain type of way,
you will stand in confidence and in your power.
because no matter the pressure,
you withstand any type of weather.

You know how to hold yourself down, 
you know when to not back down,
so even if you want to give up,
you have the power to pick yourself
back up.

Let yourself breathe to believe
that you can achieve any dream
with your unique ambition.
Set your mind to being committed
because that is where inspiration is transmitted.
with the transition of energy,
that’s pushed with positivity,
no one should doubt your capabilities.

You’ll be safe with enough space 
that has fills up your place,
with your own words, your own thoughts,
before they come after you,
trying to steal your spot.
You deserve to be here,
in the foundation of your body that you call home
with self-love, self-care, and respect
that there won’t be room for 

Give yourself time,
to allow yourself to shine.

Give yourself space,
to reconnect when you feel out of place.
and last, but not the least:

Give yourself love
when you need it the most.


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