kind of love

see he doesn’t make me feel like that kind of love 
the one that will have me up all night thinking about them kind of love 
have me wanting the romantics 80s movie ending kind of love 
wanting to kiss them at a red light and every single stop sign kind of love 
when he touches any part of my body and makes my toes curl in kind of love 
when he tells me that sunsets and butterflies and kisses aren’t love that only me and him are kind of love 
wanting to share every single poem I write so he knows every single thought in my mind kind of love 
and when he recites them back to me I will then know he is the one kind of love 
and at night we will be on the phone 
I’ll tell him to hang up first but he won’t until I say I love you 10 times because hearing it once isn’t enough kind of love 
when I wake up and feel the warmth of his body pressed up against mine
it will remind me of a beautiful Sunday kind of love 
he will tell me that I cut to the case in such an elegant way kind of love 
then he will worships on his knees because he says his queen should be pleased daily kind of love 
sometimes he will pull over blasting frank ocean and kissing me on backseat kind of love 
he saw a shooting star and wished for an angel
he told me he knew it was me when I walked in and lit up the entire room kind of love 
the kind of love you don’t find everyday 
the kind of love you shouldn’t let run away 
people hide from it 
people lose it 
people love it 
and I won’t settle until I have 

6th May 2019 | emily light
IG | @emilylight.jpg
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