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The AI Takeover Has Already Begun

From where you’re sitting now, you can’t see the scope of what’s happening behind the scenes. No one can. That’s because these scenes span the length and breadth of the globe and cross every border and legal threshold. What’s more, every actor is invisible, whether human or not. 

Take the example I saw just yesterday. A young man, only 20, is promised by a streamer that if he smashes his device and punches a hole through his bedroom wall, he’ll buy him a Hellcat, a highly prized type of Dodge Challenger. The kid even streams himself asking his Mom’s permission. But the streamer who made him that promise isn’t real. It’s an AI cultivated from video and audio of an already popular online streamer, and of course, in reality, the person orchestrating all of this is just a troll. That young man will not be getting the Hellcat he was promised, but his Mom was explicit—he’s going to have to fix that hole in the wall himself.
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