icy burn.

the ice in those eyes,
       clash perfectly with the heat in mine.

you take an icicle of tears and sharpen,
       then advance toward me like a lion.

one swing of your sword into my fire,
       turns it into a puddle of water in a second.

you jump back, a hiss in your throat.
      the horns on my head curl once more.

i am sorry we have to live like this.
we are two opposite substances.
       water and fire.
       light and dark.
       soft and hard. 

the water in your heart grows the grass
       but fights to kill me.

you wish to reach silence.
       I wish to taste the snowflakes in your hair.

though we can never co-exist in reality,
      I can imagine the icy burn of your touch. 

extinguish my yearning for you.
      go ahead; if you live, I will be okay.

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