Brand New - The Checky Club

Music is expression of SOUL, and Hip Hop is that expression in conflict; a turning of ideas, grappled, and organized by the artists particular skill to mold that muse. People listen to a track and think, “Man, that was hard ass flow.” “Brand New” is one of those unique tracks! The Checky Clubs first release as a group is raw, witty, trippy, yet satisfiylingy minimal in its production. A group of essentially solo artists outside the greater Nashville, TN area are making waves. Checky Club member Elias Orman states, “I created that beat to be on a project I was working on, but when you and the homies are sitting around looking for something to hop on plans go out the window. Lusa got up and spit a verse first and then I jumped in right after then Jacob. No chorus, straight bars, cypher style, and we were all synced in that night.” Listen to “Brand New” on your favorite platform.

Brand New (feat. Elias Orman, Lusaferrari & Jacob Lane) - Single - The Checky Club

Posted by Elias
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