Satoshy - Broken Frame (Repeated) ft. Athena Kay

The whole ep is a collection of some raw ideas I have been carrying on over the last few years. This track, in particular, started on an acoustic piano while I was in my hometown in Calabria, Italy. I quite like how the acoustic version was sounding, I didn’t imagine that at the end the song would become how it is. Another crucial point was when Athena decided to sing on the beat, it changed completely the way how I was seeing this production, it was just a messy idea and at that moment probably became a song. The title “Broken Frame (Repeated)” come from the first demo that I recorded on my laptop when l added the drum. When Athena saw the title she said that it was inspiring so we kept that as a “vision” of the song and also as the final title. 


YouTube Full EP:

Spotify Full EP:


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