That’s what they keep saying 
You’re hysterical 
You’re insane for thinking women are still being 
Yes, we can vote 
Yes, they say we have a choice 
Yes, rape is illegal 
The laws say we are treated equally 
But, is that reality? 
Do we really have a choice 
When it comes to a fetus over six weeks 
When it comes to abusive relationships 
When it comes to fighting for what the law 
Says we can have 
Do we really have a choice 
When our fathers marry us off 
Our mothers teach us 
“Keep it to yourself” 
“Don’t wear that outside” 
Simply because sharing your opinion 
Gets you in trouble 
Simply because that half-inch strap connected to your tank top 
Might get you raped 
Simply because whenever someone reports a rape 
They all ask 
“What did she do to be in that position?” 
Our mothers 
They teach us how to be safe in the world 
They teach us to cover up 
Never go to the bathroom alone 
Only walk the streets at night if you’re with a man 
But is it really our fault? 
Is it our fault for wearing a tank top 
When the sun is pounding down on the earth 
Our fault for taking public transportation 
When we don’t have a car 
Our fault for existing 
Never their fault 
Their fault for seeing a woman as 
A form of pleasure 
And not a human being 
We’re hysterical 
You’re right 
I’ll keep it to myself 
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