How to Make A Sandwich

About to make a sandwich boy you ain't ready for it
Lettuce tomatoes cheese mayo ketchup and some onion
All you gotta do is put the buns in the toaster
Take em out spread em out put some mayo on it
Meat is warm put the patty on the bottom half
Gonna be dry so just put more mayo on to last
Grab the cheese and put it on the mayo that you spread
Then go ahead rip some lettuce off of that head
Lay it around on the cheese like the boss that you are
Then cut some tomatoes you the best by far
Tomatoes on lettuce now you know you on a roll
Top it off with onions now you know you in control
Now all you gotta do is put the other bun on top
And now you can show everybody what you got
Just made a sandwich boy I'm ready to eat it
Anything you ever made is the reason why you need it

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