Glancing with Wolves

I have to admit I was a little intimidated when I learned that Blackpool Zoo had wolves, because they are an animal I have admired for a long time yet never seen before.

So, pulling up into Blackpool Zoo's car park on the bus with 32 other keen students on my course, I was excited to be let loose around the zoo with my camera, a situation that I find myself most comfortable and alive

in. I made sure that Wolf Ridge was the absolute first place I visited as I was buzzing to see these guys, however, when I got there, nothing was to be seen. I was gutted, and paced up and down trying to look for any signs of life in the enclosure.

After around 10 minutes of this I saw it. The red ear tips of an elusive, mysterious animal - the wolf. It (the wolf on the far right) stepped slowly up the bank of it's enclosure, staring at me as it did, and I felt chills as it drew closer. As it emerged fully, two other sets of ears appeared to the left of him, walking more quickly, also both staring at me. I tried to snap as many pics of the moment as I could, not wanting to forget my first chillingly beautiful encounter with a wolf. It was then that I caught this image, with all three Iberian wolves staring right at me, waiting.
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