Kisses and lessons

The first boy I kissed was 3 years older than me.
It was raining and we hid under the trees for shelter. He taught me the art of smoking stolen cigarettes.

The second kiss was with a childhood friend 
It was summer and we kissed as we sat on the top of a haybale
He taught me that summer romances end as the first leaves fall.

The third boy I kissed was the boy I thought I loved
It was autumn and we stood under the clearest
of night skies
He is the definition of heartbreak.

The fourth boy I kissed just to forget the last
I failed miserably.
I learnt what it feels like to be a regret.

The next was a girl
Under the bright lights, her shiloutte still dances in my memories.
She taught me how to be gentle and be patient.

The next was on a trampoline
We were both drunk and he gave me his jumper
 He taught me the diffence between friendship and romance.

The 7th was a girl
It's funny what a bottle of vodka and strobe lighting can make you do
This time I learnt what it means to regret.

The 8th, I hardly remember
He was just there, another attempt at cleansing my heart
I learnt it takes more than other people's lips to forget love.

The next, she was a dare
It's funny what spills when drink flows
That night I learnt about our inability to know anything other that our own emotions.

The 10th was boy who talked about the stars
Like he knew each and everyone.
That night I learnt how to fall in love for an evening.

The 11 was another dare
We both had forgotten it had happened
It taught me how kisses can mean everything and nothing, or somewhere in between.

At number 12 is the boy
Who kissed me like he meant it.
He taught me that being loved and being in love are two very separate things.

The 13th boy I kissed
Pretends it didn't happen
I think that's best for the both of us.

How funny that the 14th boy I should kiss
was also the 3rd
But this time, I didn't love him
That night I realised that sometimes, kisses are just as much about loneliness than anything else.

The next, he was a surprise
A late night drive and a few drinks in an unknown bar
 He taught me that sometimes it takes a stranger for you to be truly at ease.

The 16th kiss was in a foreign city
Under different skies and cooler winds
This boy showed me what new feels like.

Thank you for your kisses, 
and Thank you for your lessons.
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