3 out of 1.000

When it comes to choose the 3 best of my photos, it is very hard.
I can't imagine my self not to take photographs.
Every picture I take has its own story to tell, has its own dream and reality.
I capture a place with an important moment, so it will last forever.

For my case it is like a mother and her children. She thinks that she has the most beautiful kids and she can't say which one she loves the most because she love every child apart for many reasons.
Just like that, when people ask me "show me 3 pictures of you which they have stood out", it's quite hard for me.
So I ask them to tell me which photos they like.

For now, I choose those my 3 favourite photographs  taken 2019 and if you are interested at the rest of them, you can check out my instagram page here⤵
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