The Great Wandering

Dear friends along once forgotten:
I’ve made it. I’ve made it to what I said we would.
Are you proud of me?
Do you love me?
I do not hate you—I will not hate you.
Goodnight, my loved ones. Goodnight, my loved ones.
Goodbye, my one night lovers.

The Great Wandering was an adventure for the lost souls of time,
Where my grand lost children acted upon their rituals,
Calling upon their own divine.
Beware my children, beware my children, of the grand game we play,
The Great Wandering takes children, such as our loving imagination, away.

Where did you go as the gaslight frivolity dissolved into the sky,
Where did you go as I called upon thee to come for me,
Without the hindrance of lies.
Love me please, oh love me do,
As I love truly and only you.

Bye my children, bye for now—
Your gregarious living sours with your lover,
Deeply firm, in the ground. 

Artax, you brave little thing,
Treading where no-man will tread;
Treading the imaginative design in which we resign. 
Stand tall, the one weakling knees, desire, help, and inclusion comes,
Ready to be received.  

The time will come once all dreams will fuel yourself congruent
Congruency, congruency, congruency
The seeking we all foresee since the birth of thee. 

Distorted poetry fills thy mind
When only one word works, since we week to be kind.

Explicitly is the wrong way to turn in the world where a simple hug makes one gone I’m the weight of my mind—the weight of a ton—causing me once to whirl.

Goodbye my children. 
Goodbye for now,
As we leave broken,
Without any companion. 

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