I hope for something; first dance with you

My mind has been stuck on you
Ever since you held my hand
And told me I looked nice 
under the flashing lights,
over the sound of the guitar solo;
And I can't help but wonder,
My mind becomes paranoid,
Cynical if you will,
That I am just some girl
And you do not think of me like I think of you.
I smile as I remember how we danced to the sound of a Portuguese love song.
But I am younger than you
And I wonder,
Am I conquest?
Do you think of me as naive?
What will become of this?
I hope for something
But I worry for nothing.
When you leaned in that night and I moved back
I think of an alternate universe
Where I did not.
But I think of how you were so calm and relaxed
And once again I wonder if you think of me like I think of you.
But then I think of how you intertwined our hands 
and put your hand on my waist,
Your thumb slowly moving up and down
And trailing towards my ribs,
And my hopeless romantic returns
And I think everything is going to be alright.
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