We will not apologize for putting a name to your actions,
We will no longer be silent, no longer be passive, 
If you feel you are at blame for the labels of your behaviours, 
Just know it is your habits that defined its nature, 
You call feminism extreme, and listen to media talk, 
About how our protests are wrong for challenging your dominant thoughts,
You complain that we are at fault for wanting equal pay, that your jobs are more challenging, and you deserve what you make, 
You don’t understand where the gap in wage comes from,
You say we get paid the same for the same work that is done,
But we are the ones bearing and raising your children,
While you get promoted, we get stuck hidden,
We are forced to live under your finances which can sometimes be a cause for all sorts of abuse,
As we lose our independence you gain power and control too,
This is not an individual problem, or complaint,
It’s the socialization of colonialism that gave men the bread winning name, 
They were taught to believe they should bring in the money, 
While women should stay home and act as house bunnies,
But we never got paid for the work that we did, as if raising the history and future of our worlds generations was an easy way to live, 
You say you built this world, and created its advancements, 
But g-d created you, and our reproduction enhanced it,
There would be no you without our child bearing labour,
And bringing up the world’s children is not just a favour,
It is another job on top of a career,
That deserves equal help from our life long peers,
We should no longer have to do it all on our own, while maintaining a career and falling behind on our goals,
We should both be bread winners, co-parents, and sculptors,
Raising sons and daughters that create a new ideology of a non-patriarchal culture.
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