No sex in USSR

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Tatiana B.
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I come from a country where people were living with iron curtain for decades. People were living with a lot of rules and fear. People had to fit and sometimes it meant to hide what is inside under a thick cover. You had to be modest. Humble. Nowadays some of this rules can look ridiculous and Russian people  joke about that there were no sex in USSR. 

In conditions when expression of your thoughts is under control it is much more difficult to create.  Difficult to find your path after getting unexpected freedom. It is easier to follow old rules, easier to drown in fears again.

However, art always finds its ways. Creation is a talk with fear, a medicine which won’t let it kill you. It looks through the keyholes, through cracks, waits till the morning for  the curtains on the windows will be opened. It finds not modest, not humble, forbidden erotic. Non conforming covered with right closes. Finds corners free of rules and covers. 

With this photoshoot I show the border between frightening and erotic, how first can turn into another. Show that something sexual exists even in seemingly not appropriate for it conditions.

Because of course people had sex in USSR, it’s our nature. And those who were born to create, made some incredible pieces of art. Fear makes us try to rebuild ourselves what is pointless.  I think all of this can sound familiar nowadays.  But even what everything around is frightening, there is always beauty in hidden. 

Model: Solomeya Lutova,
Camera: Zenit E;  film: fomapan 400 action

march 2020 (just before lockdown).
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