Bored? Go out in the fileds and put a TV on fire

On a winter day me and my friends decided to drive around the city and take some pictures. As soon as we found the spot, we realized that it was absolutely muddy, and we wouldn't be able to walk around. Fortunately, my friend brought shoe covers. Much to our suprise, in the bare field we noticed an old, ruined TV.  (I took a portable stair to shoot some frames from above the subject) Seeing the TV, we instantly decided to shoot smth with it. Said and done, took the stairs and started crawling through the muddy ground towards it. As we were shooting dogs were continiously barking at us, it being a real challenge for me, as I have cynophobia. Also there were people staring at us and laughing for we kind of set the  TV on fire :D. After all, it was really fun, and we had the best time: singing, shooting and just going crazy in the middle of nowhere(plus we took really nice photos)
Photography enthusiast
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