Two lives song

Hello, I am an upcoming artist going by the name of yung dandz. I would like to submit one of my songs to you and maybe get an opinion. This song is titled’Two Lives’.

This song has two different meanings behind it. One is showing a story of the artists love life and describes the story behind two of the females he has had a relationship with. This story is told while showing the secondary meaning behind the song. The second meaning symbolises ‘The two types of female you are likely to meet in your life’. The first is the loving, caring and gentle which you feel as if they are the one for you. This relationship usually fails due to reasons beyond the couple. The second is the female which you believe to be good for you but turns out they are slowly leading to you feeling down. This may be due to arguments and mistrust in the relationship. Many people are likely to experience these two types of female in their lives and may even have the same experiences.
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