Good Girls

Good girls,
Are grateful,
Good girls let the hateful,
Thing slide, because,
It’s none of their business anyway,
Because it’s,
Not their place,
Because she knows if she opens her mouth,
Her face will betray her,
Her emotions will be traced,
Her rage, will spill over,

Good girls, keep the vacant smiles,
And think of everything good,
In good girls lives.
Like how these good girls,
Could wear spaghetti straps,
But of course they wouldn’t,
Where they could wear short skirts,
But of course they shouldn’t 

Like how these good girls could wear short skirts,
And walk down the street,
And not clench their fists in fear, they swallow the fear as they walk home.
If you’re a good girl there’s nothing to be afraid of.
Good girls don’t get hollered at by men they don’t know,
Or, at least,
It’s only happened once or twice.

It was her fault anyway. Maybe good girl forgot to put up her good girl facade that day.
Maybe she wore the shirt she’s not allowed to wear out, 
Maybe it was too late at night when she went out,
Maybe she had too much makeup on,
Men don’t shout,
At good girls.

Grateful for how
Good girls get rights to their own bodies,
Except in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky,
Aren’t we lucky, that
Feminism isn’t necessary for good girls.
Eighty cents to a man’s dollar,
Maybe thirty cents if you’re of colour,
That’s plenty for a good girl.

Good girls are content, serve and listen through their days,
Good girls know their bodies are of no use but for someone else’s gaze,
Good girls are grateful.
And when the world is hateful,
Good girls think, it doesn’t affect me.
It’s easier to be a fairy tale,
Even if it’s someone else’s dream come true,
No one ever asked you, 
Just let yourself be saved.
Sometimes the only option is choosing what is easier,
And not what is better, your story is only one chapter.
Good girls exist to be his happily ever, after.
Good girls live good lives and their stories end happily,
Because happy is all they get to be.
What if good girls can’t handle the chains,
They gave, and gave,
And they always stayed.
And good girls were lied to!
And now they try to,
Because they realized that what the world told them was wrong, they see it now. 
They are done being quiet and obedient and sorry.
Good girls are not bound to someone else’s story.

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