“genesis” - 3D sculpture + photography

online portfolio: https://mxkav.tumblr.com/ my inspiration comes from my childhood experiences, aesthetics, nostalgia as well as my surroundings, dreams and naturalistic landscapes. i love working with stereotypically gendered colours such as pink and purple and transform their meanings by associating with them as a gender non-conforming individual. similarly, my autistic experience is an integral part of my inner self. it alters my perception of both physical and psychological realm. it allows me to see the world in great amount of detail, feel things on an intense level, notice patterns in organic matter, beauty in broken cracks of old industrial buildings and hear the music in ambient sounds of the city or the forest. it is deeply intertwined with my queerness and lack of adherence and understanding of prescribed societal constructs. i view art as a tool which can transcend written meaning. a medium of self expression, self discovery and therapy, often dealing with concepts or feelings i struggle with describing through words. sometimes, i simply create just for the look of it as our personal understanding of art cannot always be translated into language.
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