Friday Night (Mönchsgeier) - Ralph Beeby & the Elephant Collective

Friday Night (Mönchsgeier) explores a rich seam of dark and macabre tales: a woman discovers her husband’s horrifying secret; a man wakes up in a crime scene; shady deals are completed out the back of a seedy dive bar; and a bizarre veterinary experiment ends in failure. Just your usual Friday-evening shenanigans.
Ralph Beeby & the Elephant Collective are London's leading purveyors of dark folk-blues. A deep,menacing voice sings haunting tales over a dark forest of intricate guitar lines: “Nick Cave meets The Doors,” as some fans have suggested. Rooted in Blues and Folk with overtones of Gothic Americana, Ralph Beeby’s bleak tales echo across a rich backdrop of elaborate acoustic fingerpicking and rattling bottleneck guitar. Eschewing a lot of the more well-trodden cliches of his genre, Ralph draws on a diverse range of influences including jazz, classical music, and Eastern European folk music to create a strange but compelling sound.
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