Dreamer’s rap

I wanna write a story it will go like this
Couple of stories about me and some other kids
Cause they beat up and bruised that boy in the hood
Told him his worthless he’ll never be no good. 
The story bout her who was misunderstood who tried to love as she wishes he would. 

I wanna tell a story bout the things I’ve seen
From living at home and the places I’ve been
I’ve seen small children walk miles on end
Just to go to school and have a roof on their head
Their Mumma’s look after them feed them and love them
Their Mumma’s show love where the lovers in London? 
Westminster your phony it’s all just debate 
The activist are small but they’re gonna be great
We scream for justice a fair trial in court
You’re telling us sit back while we make some laws. 

Now I’m not looking for help from just anyone 
I’m looking for a country to be one
To help all the crying the young and the hurting 
Cause we sit in our houses while their breathing is counted 
Stuck packed in a vessel of freedom 
If only we’d see them. 
See the tears roll from the beaten up cheeks 
Hear the screams yell as the asylum speaks 
Hey mr president, thank you for your work, your efforts are noted 
would kindly tell your troops in our hearts is where they’re posted. 

To the Priminster of Westminster tell us what’s been happening
There is so much in the news but we don’t know the truth of the words you keep speaking yeah this is where you loose because it sounds like parliament just keep singing the blues. 

I need to know if you’ll take the time to look in the eyes of the children that walk by in the desert of Tsavo where the sand is red left in imprint in my head because I wondered if there’s a way we can look at this instead 
Not the deals in parliament, the streets where you resident not the scores on television. I want a different vision. I want a vision of humanity, that’s lacking here currently. 
I want a team of dreamers, let me be an idealist. I wanna build a spaceship and fly it to a planet where I collect the resources to restore our planet. I wanna build them all a house, I wanna give them a dream, let them see all the greatness they can be.
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