The First Time ≠ The Next Time

The first time I say hello
I don’t smile
That’s interests you
And I know it does
So you’ll come back

Next time I say hello
I smile
I add conversation
To confirm you are in fact
The type to want a chase

I shouldn’t, but I want that too
Yet I don’t want to face 
The part of me that wants you to chase 
The me that knows how to finally manipulate 
The trait I have that controls my gait 
That keeps your gaze

So  what I’m trying to say
Is this is not for you 
But for the you that was before,
And this is (for now)
The first.    
The First time I’ll say goodbye 
The Last time I’ll say hello 
To the part of me that I’m ready to let go

Posted by xaxhxcx
Art is for temporary solutions to a permanent problem..
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