My first photo taken upon a camera

I have always been afraid to use cameras due to how big they are and I have just had a small feeling inside I am going to drop it or break it even if it is around my neck. I was told by art teacher I needed to start introducing photography into my work but actually using a camera instead, at this point I was working on a topic about gardens. My first initial reaction to gardens was flowers and animals, but i went with flowers as I had to draw from them too. For this exact photo I had gone to Tropical world to see if I could find some flowers within all the habitats, I already knew they had flowers outside of their entrance so it was a bit of a bargain in this situation. A reason to why I am drawn to this image is that you could mistake this for being edited even though it isn’t edited, the only reason why the flowers look a tad bit foggy is because of the humidity of the area I was and it had created a foggy mist upon my lense. 
I am an A level student studying photography
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