Untitled by Byron Jelani

Mama said always tie your shoes when you run
Mama said scrapin’ your knees ain’t fun
Mama said a man takes care of his woman
But mama always been the one carryin’ me

Mama cried when she heard what I did
Mama cried when she heard what I said
My bullet passed mama just like it did to me
My bullet made my mama cry more than it did wit’ me

Mama told me it makes me stronger
Mama said it’s all part of bein’ human
Mama never left even when she wanted
Mama tries her best even under all this stress

Mama got three kids and she take care of them all
Mama got two girls who pick her up whenever she fall
Mama got one boy who when he’s hurt he knows who call
Mama got on heart that’s stronger than China’s Great Wall
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