My Name is Taja

My name is Taja
Rhymes with baja
It means I'm short
But you know I'm killing them hoes
DJTJ comin down
You know I'm safe and sound
Ain't nobody can beat my smarts
Cause I'm sweet and you're tart
Try to out logic me
You dancing to a tragic beat
Cool as an open rail
Smooth as the slowest snail
Think you know more than me
Stick your head between your feet
I don't curse but I use hell
Think that's lame? I don't have bad vocabulary, can't you tell?
Pathway of an actress
When you can't even get off the mattress
Think cause I wear glasses I'm typical
Better think the reciprocal
I'm here cause of my brain
When ya'll know ya'll cheated all the way
Work with myself because of the scoundrels here from the depths
Can't stand these wanna-bes that I automatically think of as less
Sure they'll get on me about what rap music I don't know
But then they'll be speechless when I let my real music flow
Sure the dumb football jocks will classify me cause of my booty
But obviously they would say that cause they missing the real me
I'm a student but people say, "You look like a teacher to me"
That's only because I have a maturity level that most of ya'll can't reach
Sure they'll be round the corner saying I'm too smart
But when they look in the mirror, all they see is their life falling apart
Homeschooled and proud for 4 years
No public corruption that leads to tears
Can't read my handwriting? It's cursive
It's so I won't be ya'll little cheat sheet in case you prove you have no purpose
Everybody falls down but only the winners get back up
And the friends I choose gotta meet that up
See my face and don't know my name?
How much can this be a shame?
The people who overlook the key to life barely scratch the surface
And then they go home and perform in a fake Snapchat circus
Kids who blunder my simple name need to get outta my sight
Cause it's T-a-j-a, get it right.
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