Once, deep in transcendental meditation, 
I saw my energy hubs in three dimensions.
They were holograms of various hues, 
Projected through and 
About my body, 
Precisely diffuse and 
Positioned with particular and 
Quite intricate 
Patterns and plots
Of scattered light;
Complex keys that
Flocked together
In varying degrees of
Forming a nation of
Control complexes,
Transmitting primordial directives and
Non-local commands
To release and unban the
Corresponding locks 
Of my being.

Seeing with the sixth of these centers
I entered
An arcane state of awareness
To understand that the rareness
To which I was witness
Was neither solid nor liquid
Nor gaseous state
But polychromatic quadrates
Affiliated with wavelength.
These ancient schematics
Were named 
Cymatics, and
As it had been
With geometric mathematics
I was now directed to engage.
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