a series of love poems

your eyes
they held the hope of youth
the aspirations of a generation 
they shone like the stars
lights danced like constellations 
in your eyes
i wanted to see myself
in those eyes that held the galaxy

lips parted, you cast your gaze to the sky
my breath left my chest all at once,
i was taken aback by your effortless beauty
the peach and golden light of the setting sun illuminated your face,
the horizon was painting a masterpiece 
and you were the canvas

moving through the room, you brought all their eyes with you
you danced with sheer power
youth radiated in your movement
your eyes darkened with your dance
yet it lit up the room 

your voice bounced off the walls
you called after me
nothing had ever sounded so sweet
than my name when it was called by you

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