Peace and Nature

I believe these 3 pictures to be my best this year as they are my favourites and I am extremely proud of the lighting in the one of the horse and the one of the sunset. I chose the photo from up above the clouds as it is unique and so very different to all others I have taken this year.

The first one of up in the clouds I took while in an aeroplane, the first I have been on in 7 years so taking the photo really eased my nerves and distracted me from my worries.

The second I took of a free-roaming horse out in the flat fields of the new forest. The beautiful lighting from the sunset behind the horse created gorgeous silhouette and highlighted the edges of the calm creature. I enjoyed seeing such beauty in a place so barren the only trees were miles away.

The last is of a beautiful sunset and although I do take sunsets often, this was the first in a while that the lighting was working in my favour. I cannot pride myself on skill and gear for taking this; I can only pin it down to sheer luck and timing.
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