Birth | Creation | Reality

When we create, we birth new realities.
When we connect with one another, we birth new realities.
When we connect with one another through creation,
The odds of erasing all realities that do not serve us, increase exponentially.

We actively move toward optimal resonance,

Clearing away filters we have allowed to settle over our biofields,

Making our signals clear

Crystal prisms refract again
Non-locally plan to reattach
And then

Into new fractals and harmonic dactyls and
Aesthetically practical,
Climactical configurations of
Synchronized calibration
With the photonic inhabitants
Of our unified nation.

When we create, we birth new realities.

Original spoken word by me
Music by Instupendo, Comfort Chain
Artwork by PIROD
Poetry | Meditation | Writing Groups | Energy Work My latest project: Writing, mindfulness and meditation groups informed by research, inspired by flow and designed to get us back together. #WholeHumans make #WholeHumanity ➡️80% of proceeds paid to group leaders ➡️10% to their neighborhood needs ➡️Free social impact consulting ➡️DM for info On the lookout for interesting music, sound and visual art to combine with my spoken word. Ancient teachings, empirical science, and meditative insights inform my work and life. I'm presently focused on: +Poetry and spoken word. +Digital Dose Elixirs which combine color, sound and spoken word to evoke particular emotional states and, if you're into it, align and recalibrate certain energy centers in the body. Think of them as micro-meditations. +Creating artful, guided meditations that take us to unexplored places +Helping others understand the energetic configurations of light we call human bodies and how application of this knowledge can create shifts in the clusterfuck we presently refer to as reality.
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