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I first got into playing music in my early 20's playing bass in cover bands and original bands. After attending many hard rock concerts, I felt the need to get into writing my own songs. I taught myself some guitar, built a home studio and that’s when the real journey began. I have been recording my own music for about 30 years, improving my song writing process over the years with help from jamming with some fine musicians. I also completed a course in “The Recording Connection Bachelors Program” for audio recording. I have some of my songs on the usual streaming platforms as well as Bandcamp, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, N1M, Etc. I recently retired from a long career in the auto repair industry as a service advisor and managing repair shops. I am now able to spend more time on my passion; writing and recording music and creating music videos to go with them. The songs "The Fog" and "Crazy" are collaborations with Derek Begg.
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