World full of love

What would a world be without it's many traditions and customs, without vibrant saris, , mesmerizing classical music and folk dances, delicious cuisines with rich spices
When you tap in a world as diverse and culturally vibrant as ours, when you greet a  monk or jump in the sky with Masai , the further you go the more you realize the depths of your soul connected with everyone else and how unity in diversity keep us together, making this world as magical as it is. The education about other cultures and traditions won't only enriched us but it will help us to rise above the religious dogmas, political ideologies and national allegiances which bitterly divided the world, in the first place. The best hope of humankind is to maintain as rich in a diversity of social types as possible so that challenges and that fear of the other and the unknown is replaced with curiosity and respect, so that after we are gone we leave a better world for the others. More info on
Award-winning multidisciplinary artist specialized in film
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