like a dream.

it was like a dream
peculiar in its familiarity
it was as if something
was trying to tell her
she’d been here before

it was like a dream
familiar in its peculiarity
as if all the outer worlds
were merging with hers
in perfect timing

it was comforting yet confusing
a strange but sensational feeling
remembering, returning
it was hysterical
and chaotic
and freeing
at the exact same time

it was like a dream
blurred lines and fuzzy edges
it felt as if duality shattered
when her emotions ricocheted
only moments before everything
returned to its rightful place

it was like a dream
it was like a dream
a beautifully painted realm
and she decided
she would never
wake up
-like a dream

Posted by Marisa J
thank you for reading! thank you for being here! follow @writingbymarisa on instagram for more of my original poetry and photography.
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