Pretty Boys: Brave

Staring, there it was, 
That interesting black empty 
Stage, showcasing 
Talent’s every night. 

Watching, waiting, 
Sipping, imagining beautiful
Swift movements.

There she stepped, 
So calmly, the look in 
Her eyes so tempting.

Bouncing off each other, 
Her voice kissing and fighting 
The demons emerging from 

“So beautiful,” the whisper
Ricocheting of soft lips


Waiting outside, hands
Sticking out of Levi 
Demin, so fresh, legs
crossed , knees bent 
Trying to push together, 

There she walks, 
Finally, swaying, hips
Marking purpose. 

Watching intently.

Finally walking up, 
Best smile, short hair
Brimming with excitement.

“Hello, I thought you were 
Great tonight. “
Complimenting, giving 
Her praise. 

Her body turning slowly, 
As if it was striking a pose without
Her permission. 


Her wave almost nonexistent 

“I hope you realize how brave you are.” 

Her words marking smiles 
And frowns

Bravery slipping from 
My grip 

“I wish I knew how brave I was.” 

Written by Leila E. better known as Jimin Lee Ray

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