straight girl

straight girl
you are the bane of my existence
you steal the girls i love and deny the emotions i feel for you
i can’t feel anything towards you 
i’m not angry
you don’t know what you’re doing 
you don’t know how much you hurt 
when you bat your eyes and smile with the force of a thousand suns
and for what?
attention of a girl you don’t love 
straight girl
with your athletic looks and muscles and perfect grades and hair and life 
you’re attached at the fucking hip
when you know how much i love her 
and know the power you hold 
you have her in your palm 
and i can’t do anything but watch 
wishing i was you 
but instead i’m me 
and she wouldn’t even bother to look my way when you’re in the room
i don’t know what i have to be for her but she asks me to go places just to see me 
says she’s only there because i’ll be there 
how she misses me
how she loves me 
and how that all changes when you open the door 
jealousy is ugly 
but so am i 
i would change everything for her i would be totally new 
but the one thing i can’t change is what she loves
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