Birthday Bash

Candles were blown,
Wishes were made
She looked around,
Feeling blessed she said
“I love you all,
Till death do us part.
I love you so,
With all my heart”

“Do you want to take a photo of this cake?”
Her grandpa asked
She couldn’t understand why
It was a plain backdrop with artificial lights
And pretty much nothing else in sight

She took a picture to make him happy
Little did she imagine to see,
What lies beyond the camera
Were the shadows that stirred her deep

Life isn’t static
Photography isn't blind
Take a photo for a piece of memory
Appreciate the ones who stood behind

He looked at her
With gentle eyes
Kissed her forehead
And said goodbye
She smiled at him,
Beneath her lashes
A casual sight,
A daily contentment

Little did she know
The words he said that day
Held more then just a moment
To her utter dismay

As years went by,
The memories stay
A constant trippy loop
With no replays

A ticking bomb
A flashing connection
Immortalised forever
In an instant moment

The doctor,
He pulled the plug
To end his sorrows
To end his heart

Here's the sad truth
Reality happens on stage,
On camera,
On screens

So save your drama,
No one cares
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